Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah'
Savannah Holly
Common Name: Savannah Holly
Family: Aquifoliaceae
Zone: 4 - 9
Average Size: 25' H x 15' W
  • Loose pyramidal form
  • Simple leaf, oval with small spines on margin, light green, evergreen
  • Large red berries in late autumn through winter
  • Smooth gray bark, usually multiple trunks
Notes: An interspecific hybrid of I. opaca and I. cassine, the Savannah Holly is probably the most popular of the I. x attenuata hybrids. The large berries are borne in great abundance in autumn making this selection an outstanding specimen or mass planting.
Campus Location: David Boyd Hall, northwest corner
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Savanah Holly form Savanah Holly form
v Savanah Holly bark
Savanah Holly fruit Savanah Holly fruit
Savanah Holly fruit