Cortaderia selloana
Pampas Grass
Common Name: Pampas Grass
Family: Poaceae
Zone: 7 - 9
Average Size: 8' H x 8' W
  • Clump forming grass with arching leaves
  • Stiff leaf, 6-8 feet long tapering toward apex, serrate margin
  • Flowers are large erect white panicles above foliage, plume-like in late summer
Notes: Of all the ornamental grasses planted, Pampas Grass is by far the most durable. Heat tolerant, draught tolerant and more or less evergreen, Pampas Grass is commonly planted on highway right-of-ways and other demanding urban sites. For this reason, it is generally considered undesirable in the landscape, but the showy flowers in late summer make it worth considering if space is available. The dwarf selection 'Pumila' found at Julian C. Miller Hall works well in the small scale landscape.
Campus Location: Julian C. Miller Hall, parking lot entry
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Pampas Grass form Pampas Grass form
Pampas Grass form
Pampas Grass form Pampas Grass flowers